Our services include

BOARDING - Short and long term for dogs and cats

DAY CARE - Out for a long day, bring your dogs here for some action !  (If the dog has never been before the minimum cost will be 20€)

GROOMING -Let me get them looking their best on your return (Bath/Clip/Manicure)

HOME VISITS  (Within a 10 mile radious) - We can visit your place and feed/water and clean up while you're away.

PET TAXI - We can collect and drop pets home if you are without transport

24 HOUR SUPERVISION - Owner lives on site

REASONABLE RATES  -  It's affordable

Look before you book

Owners are welcome to come and have a look at Pet Park before they book and are encouraged to bring their dogs so that they can have a sniff around before they come to stay .  This is great for me because it gives me a chance to meet them too.

Every dog is different

At Pet Park all dogs are cared for so that their individual needs are met.  Some dogs are young and boisterous so need more play times, some are not social so we let them run alone.  Some are old and frail and need peace and calm .  Depending on the weather we make sure that all the dogs get enough fresh air and exercise so they are happy to return to their kennel and relax in their own space in a nice comfortable bed..  

We ensure that all dogs feel safe and happy and get lots of love.